Electrical condition reports (domestic/commercial)

Our electricians will carry out a visual inspection and a series of tests, designed to ensure both the functionality and safety of an electrical system and also its compliance with the relevant wiring regulation. This includes testing the condition of the cables and the insulation covering them, and checking the consumer unit, all socket outlets, switches and connections. A certificate is issued on completion, detailing the results and a list of recommendations including the date the next inspection should be scheduled for.


including a new consumer unit incorporating RCD protection, switches and socket outlets. All cables will be chased into the wall and covered with capping and plastered over or running suitable trunking or conduit.

Partial: Not all properties require a full rewire. If this is the case we replace the circuits you need replacing or updating. This could be due to circuit damage or no earthing conductor. We also undertake the installation of new circuits for extensions and garages.

Consumer unit changes

Also know as a fuse box or electricity control unit a consumer unit is the box containing the fuses that protect the circuits from damage. Installing a new unit gives you greater protection under fault conditions from an electrical fire or electrocution. A combination of Miniature Circuit Breakers MCB’s and Residual Current Device RCD will operate in milli seconds they are also easy to reset, just needing to be pushed back up. A full test and inspection on the electrical system is also included.

Safety checks or visual condition report

A visual condition report or safety check is a visual inspection of the electrical installation, not including any testing. The inspection is not likely to find hidden damage to equipment (for example, damage to cables and joints). Usually, a visual inspection report is more suitable for an installation that has been tested in the last couple of years, and the results were reported (on an electrical installation certificate or an Electrical condition report) as being satisfactory.

General help and advice

If you need any general electrical advice, take advantage of our complimentary service, where one of our skilled electricians will be only too happy to aid your enquiry. We also carry out fault finding on all fixed electrical systems. Just give us a call and we will be happy to help